Pan’s Labyrinth

28 04 2010

   This movie is on several 100 greatest movie lists so I thought going in that it was going to blow my face off with its awesomeness.  I didn’t read up on it, didn’t know anything about the plot line or premise.

  It starts out following a young girl, Ofelia, and her pregnant mother who are going to stay out in the woods with the mother’s new husband, a captain from the end of WW2.  The Captain’s cabin in the woods is an old mill that he’s using as a military outpost against the guerillas hiding in the woods.  Ofelia’s mother is very sick with the baby and Ofelia is left to occupy her own time.  She likes to read lots of books and there’s a labyrinth at the wood line just past the mill.  One night Ofelia follows what she believes is a fairy into the labyrinth and discovers that she is a princess from another world.  If she completes three tasks, she can re-enter the world and live immortally as the princess.

  Ofelia completes the tasks slowly, encountering strange monsters while trying to take care of her mother as time for the baby draws near.  She befriends a housekeeper, Mercedes, who is helping the guerillas get supplies by night.  The captain remains distant, and Ofelia even overhears him telling the doctor that if it comes down to saving his wife or the baby, save the baby.

  The strangeness of Pan’s Labyrinth kept me hooked, I was mildly curious to see what happened next.  I watched to the end, just to get answers.  And when I got to the conclusion, I felt like I wasted 2 hours.  I mean, really Guillermo del Toro?  All that creative genius and that’s what you use to end this?  I don’t think this really belongs on any “Greatest Movie” list.  I don’t even think this is worth a rainy Saturday afternoon.  Do yourself a favor and go watch Inglorious Basterds instead.





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