The Counterfeiters

6 05 2010

  This is based on the true story of how Germany ran out of money during World War II and started making fake pounds to fund their war effort.  The take an imprisoned Jewish-Russian Saloman who was the greatest counterfeiter before the war.  He was working on counterfeiting the American dollar just as he was arrested.  He’s pulled from work in a concentration camp and put on Operation Bernhard, the largest counterfeiting scheme in history.

  After Sally and his team make a counterfeit pound that even passes the British bank’s inspection, they are given the task to make the American dollar.  Sally, determined to finally conquer his greatest fake yet, sets forth.  But one of the men helping with the production keeps sabotaging the dollar, doing anything to stop Hitler and his cause.  Finally the decision is on the table: produce a counterfeit dollar bill or five men will be shot then replaced until it is produced.

  This Holocaust movie gives you another view of life in concentration camps and how the Germans, knowing they were going bankrupt, would do anything to win the war.  I highly recommend this movie if you like heist-like movies kind of like Ocean’s 11.





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